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dare-to-flyRecently, I began playing around with blending techniques in Photoshop.  One of the designers at Oscraps put out a challenge to blend with clipping masks and this inspired me to create the above layout.

I began with a photo of a bird I caught as it took flight. I applied a watercolor filter from Topaz Labs Impression to the photo.  Then I opened various Artsy Bits and Pieces and tried clipping the photo to them.  I played around with blending modes so that I could see the actual elements come through in some of the photos.  I also applied a mask to a couple of the ABPs and brushed away parts of them so that the photo itself would be revealed as I liked. I finished up with some stitches, and a few other Artsy Bits and Pieces, then an edge overlay which I copied twice, applying a blending mode to the top copy.

I am pretty happy with the result and I expect that I will be trying out this technique in my next few layouts.

Papers: Anna Aspnes Art Play Solids Wicked & NBK Art & Journal Neutral (blended)
Elements: NBK Art & Journal Magic Lights, NBK Wildflowers Artsy Bits and Pieces, Angie Young Dare to Be the Real You button, Anna Aspnes Art Play Mini Opacus button.
Edge: KPertiet Edge Overlays No. 2

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paint-the-pictureThere are not many things I miss about living up north, but one thing I do miss is the blooming of the pear trees in early Spring.  My kids and neighbors hated it because of allergies, but God must have blessed me with immunity to Spring allergies when He gave me a love of flowers.  There is nothing more beautiful than flowers blooming in Spring and early Summer.  It is like a painting happening right before ones eyes, and is something of which I will never tire.

I recently discovered Topaz Labs, photography software that can plug into your photo editing program or act as a stand-alone program.  It offers a variety of products that range from artistic filters to noise reduction and they give you 30 days to try out all their products for free.  So, I downloaded the suite and am truly impressed.

One of the products is called Impression and it has the ability to take a photo and change it into a painting, sketch, etc., and even model the result after one of your favorite artists.  In the layout above, I used Impression to change the flowers into a painting, then layered multiple copies of the photo, each with a different effect.  I am still learning, but I must say I am pleased with the result.

Now, if I could only find some beautiful flowers here in Tampa …

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My Little Ray of Sunshine


I have been thinking a lot about my boys when they were younger.  I guess all mothers do this, and I expect that’s why grandchildren are so loved.  But, I came across some photos that I took when we went to visit my father back in 2007.  We had such a good time!  The boys love the water and they had a lot of fun playing.  I especially love this photo of Stephen – that little smile.  Hard to think of him as a little one without a smile coming to my face.  Enjoy!

Journaling: Before the boys and I moved to Florida, we used to go down to visit my father, who still lived in the house in which I grew up.  A visit to Grandpa meant beach, boat and motorcycle!
I have always loved the sunshine, the beach, boating – anything to do with water.  And my boys certainly take after me in that regard.  Stephen, who in this photo was 7 years old, LOVES the water.  The sand -well, he can take it or leave it.  But the water is another matter.  He would charge into the water, chasing the waves and pretending they were enemies of the realm and he was there to defend us and save the world.
Those were good times.
Stephen has always been my smiler.  From the moment he wakes up, until the moment he falls asleep, he is smiling.
He will always be my little ray of sunshine.
Ft. Myers Beach – July 21, 2007

Anna Aspnes Beach Template Album No. 1a
Ann Aspnes Sun Fun ArtPalatte

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Me & My Sister


Several of the scrapbook sites I frequent have weekly designer challenges. This week, Anna Aspnes had her usual AnnaLift challenge and this is the layout that I was inspired to create.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister, probably because she just spent a week here and I really loved having her around.  We are different, but we love each other very much.

I used a lot of blending and styles in this layout.  I’ve been experimenting a lot with styles and blending and the more I play, the better I’m getting.  I hope you enjoy!

Paper: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Metro Graffiti
Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Template No. 22
NBK Designs BeMerryBeBright Styles, ArtANDJournal PaintStyles

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hello-2017I am so honored!  This layout was featured on Gallery Standouts, a truly awesome blog I follow.  I am amazed to be included in the group of amazing artists out there.  Thank you!!!

Journaling: My sister and I do not often get to spend New Years together.  But this year, she came down the day after Christmas and stayed until January 2.  We had so much fun!  We shopped, stayed up all night talking, did silly things together, and generally had a great time.  I cannot think of a better way to bring in the new year than with my best friend.
Happy New Year, Loonie!! (My pet name for her)

All items by KPertiet or Studio DD


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born-to-standoutMy niece, Kristie, is a real character.  She has tons of personality and is not afraid to share it.  So when Kitty shared some photos of her from Halloween, I knew I had to scrap them.

For this layout, I played around with quite a few different techniques.  For the background, I used some Photoshop styles and ArtGraphics from NBK Designs.  Nicole is amazing!  She creates entire collections of styles that one can apply to different layers and then blend with coordinating brushes.  The possibilities are endless.  One of her creative team members produces videos to teach how to use all the tools.  I am definitely hooked.

I also found this tutorial on how to make your subject pop out of a frame.  I really like   The tutorials are clear and concise and have taught me a lot.  I hope you will visit them and learn some things.  Thanks for looking!

NBK Designs Wildflowers collection
NBK Designs ArtAndJournal collection


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Looking back …

best-dayToday I was going through my many thousands of digital photos and ran across the.  se of the boys from 2006.  When we lived in Ohio, we used to go walk through Keehner Park.  Winter was especially fun, when it wasn’t too cold.  Michael used to run off with his younger brother in hot pursuit, exploring and finding things that Mom really didn’t want to know about, and Dad couldn’t wait to see.  Those were some good times.  It’s never too late to scrap photos from years ago …

Papers:  KPertiet Seasons Finest Solids Paper Pack
Frames and Elements from: Studio DD Layer Works No. 322, Studio DD Layer Works No. 692 and KPertiet Kitlet Scrapbooking Mini-Kit No. 04

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I remember once saying to someone, “All I want to do in life is sing and grow flowers.”  I believe the reply was, “That could be arranged.”  I adore flowers – all types and colors.  I’m working too much now to grow flowers, but I do sing for a living so at least that part of my dream came true.  That was the inspiration for this layout.





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Exploring Photoshop


I’ve been playing around with Photoshop CC lately, exploring ways to alter photos.  Today, I found a great tutorial for changing a photo to a sketch and then colorizing it in different ways.  The tutoring can be found on  Very straightforward and detailed explanation.  I expect I will be visiting it quite often.

Paper: NBK Designs Grannys Garden
Texture: NBK Designs Christmastime ABP
WordArt: Family – Taylormade
Frame: NBK Designs Winterblues Out of the Box

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The Joy of Creating

This is the beginning of a new venture … a blog of creating.


I am not a writer.  In fact, I really don’t enjoy writing.  I prefer to express myself through music.  However, I discovered that I have a gift for photography, design and scrapbooking.  I love to take pictures, alter them and then “decorate” them.  I have belonged to many scrapbook sites over the years and love the comaraderie, inspiration and friendships I have made.

I recently rediscovered digital scrapbooking!  I remember when it started years ago.  The elements and designs weren’t all that great, and I found that I enjoyed touching the papers, elements, letters, etc.  But recently, I had to downsize and simply didn’t have room for a physical stash.  A digital stash, however, is much different.

So today I am beginning my own site where I can create to my heart’s content.  I hope you will enjoy these creations as much as I enjoy making them!

Credits & products used:
NBK Designs Winterblues Rough Brushes, NBK Designs Be Merry Be Bright Styles,
Papers: Angie Young Journalit Paper 1, MD Groot Passion for Paper and Kitty Chen Color Theory RED
Word Art: Courntey Designs Affirmations and Kitty Chen Hang The Alpha
Elements: Kitty Chen Color Theory, MD Groot Passion for Paper, Courtney Designs Clock Making, Courtney Designs Affirmations, Kitty Chen Hearts All Around