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dare-to-flyRecently, I began playing around with blending techniques in Photoshop.  One of the designers at Oscraps put out a challenge to blend with clipping masks and this inspired me to create the above layout.

I began with a photo of a bird I caught as it took flight. I applied a watercolor filter from Topaz Labs Impression to the photo.  Then I opened various Artsy Bits and Pieces and tried clipping the photo to them.  I played around with blending modes so that I could see the actual elements come through in some of the photos.  I also applied a mask to a couple of the ABPs and brushed away parts of them so that the photo itself would be revealed as I liked. I finished up with some stitches, and a few other Artsy Bits and Pieces, then an edge overlay which I copied twice, applying a blending mode to the top copy.

I am pretty happy with the result and I expect that I will be trying out this technique in my next few layouts.

Papers: Anna Aspnes Art Play Solids Wicked & NBK Art & Journal Neutral (blended)
Elements: NBK Art & Journal Magic Lights, NBK Wildflowers Artsy Bits and Pieces, Angie Young Dare to Be the Real You button, Anna Aspnes Art Play Mini Opacus button.
Edge: KPertiet Edge Overlays No. 2

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