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Advanced Brushwork

My brain is going to explode!  That’s how I feel right now, between Anna’s ArtPlay class and her Advanced Brushwork class.  So many new things – and I love all of them!


This layout was done after viewing Anna’s week 3 lesson.  She gave us a project to use the many techniques we had learned in a layout.  There was no way for to use them all, but I did use the following:

1. Artsy and seamless blending using shape dynamics, scattering, texture and dual brushes;
2. Using the underlying paper pattern to help place photos and elements;
3. Distressing with mixer brushes;
4. Colorizing with brushes – this turned out to add so much to the B&W photo – I was really amazed;
5. Enhancing with light (brushes to add mottled light – LOVE).
6. I also played around with clipping photos to brushes and using paper that was out of my comfort zone.

I will try another layout tomorrow (maybe), and use some of the other techniques she taught us.  I know that I will incorporate all these new techniques into my future layouts.  And I should be able to make a lot soon – I spent the morning doing a photo shoot at the Botanic Gardens!  So many photos – so little time.


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