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Artist’s Block

It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because I’ve had an artist’s block.  I always wondered how an artist could, all of a sudden, not be able to create.  Now I know.  In my case, it was because I was overwhelmed with new information and techniques.  My brain had to have time to process and absorb all the new things I have learned over the past three months.  Then, things got busy at work, so it seemed like a good time to just let things mesh.  My friends in the Year of ArtPlay class were so supportive and said, “Just sit back and let the flavors blend for a while.”


This layout is the first one to come out of my “simmering.”  I love water and this little pond is a favorite of mine at the Botanic Gardens.  I thought it was the appropriate photo to use for this layout.


This layout was done for an Oscraps challenge.  I think that this may be the direction in which my style is developing – combining artsy blending with the traditional scrapbook look.  Time will tell, but I feel particularly happy when I look at this one.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday over the next week – whichever one you celebrate!

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