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Time Flies

Where has the Spring gone?  One minute I’m starting my guest designer spot, and the next, I’m almost done.  It’s been a fun two months and I’ve had a chance to get to know some amazing digital artists.  I’ve also had a chance to create some wonderful art.  So, over the next few days, I will showcase the layouts I have created over the past two months at Digital Designers.  All digital materials are by Katie Pertiet.



This layout blends two photos taken at two separate times and in two separate places.  I love our digital world!



This layout is a photo of one of the Jewish synagogues in Venice, Italy.  The journaling talks about how the Jews were not allowed to build synagogues, so they hid their places of worship on the tops floors of buildings.  They were defined by the five arched windows.  I love how it turned out and it earned me a GSO (Gallery Standout)!


I hope you’ve enjoyed.  Check back tomorrow for more!

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I have officially begun my tenure as “Guest Creative Team Member” at Digital Designers.  For the next two months, I will be creating and posting layouts using the wonderful products from this site.  Katie Pertiet is the primary designer, and she is amazingly prolific!  I am especially fond of her templates – I tend to “scavenge” from them, using a bit here and a bit there to create a new look.


This layout came from a challenge on the blog – the Storybook Challenge.  Once of the longtime creative team members at Designer Digitals passed away, and there were a lot of tribute and memory pages uploaded.  One team member posted the challenge to write a tribute to someone who is in our lives right now to let them know how much they mean to you.  I chose my Senior Rabbi.


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Artist’s Block

It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because I’ve had an artist’s block.  I always wondered how an artist could, all of a sudden, not be able to create.  Now I know.  In my case, it was because I was overwhelmed with new information and techniques.  My brain had to have time to process and absorb all the new things I have learned over the past three months.  Then, things got busy at work, so it seemed like a good time to just let things mesh.  My friends in the Year of ArtPlay class were so supportive and said, “Just sit back and let the flavors blend for a while.”


This layout is the first one to come out of my “simmering.”  I love water and this little pond is a favorite of mine at the Botanic Gardens.  I thought it was the appropriate photo to use for this layout.


This layout was done for an Oscraps challenge.  I think that this may be the direction in which my style is developing – combining artsy blending with the traditional scrapbook look.  Time will tell, but I feel particularly happy when I look at this one.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday over the next week – whichever one you celebrate!

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Advanced Brushwork

My brain is going to explode!  That’s how I feel right now, between Anna’s ArtPlay class and her Advanced Brushwork class.  So many new things – and I love all of them!


This layout was done after viewing Anna’s week 3 lesson.  She gave us a project to use the many techniques we had learned in a layout.  There was no way for to use them all, but I did use the following:

1. Artsy and seamless blending using shape dynamics, scattering, texture and dual brushes;
2. Using the underlying paper pattern to help place photos and elements;
3. Distressing with mixer brushes;
4. Colorizing with brushes – this turned out to add so much to the B&W photo – I was really amazed;
5. Enhancing with light (brushes to add mottled light – LOVE).
6. I also played around with clipping photos to brushes and using paper that was out of my comfort zone.

I will try another layout tomorrow (maybe), and use some of the other techniques she taught us.  I know that I will incorporate all these new techniques into my future layouts.  And I should be able to make a lot soon – I spent the morning doing a photo shoot at the Botanic Gardens!  So many photos – so little time.


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i’ve been taking so many photos of birds, lately.  Scenic-Routei really love the shape, and gracefulness of birds.  i did this layout for anna aspnes’ year of art play – this pond is right across from my townhome, and i go there a lot to take photos.  anna just released a new mini artpalette, and i love the colors.


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Today is the beginning of week 2 of Anna Aspnes’ Advanced Brushes class.  I’ve learned so much already, and yet there is so much more to learn.

One of my favorite artists is Linda Davis.  She is a member of Anna’s creative team (something I would love to do one day), and her blog is full of ideas, instruction and inspiration.  She posted a layout in the group with instructions and I decided to try it out myself.  Here is the result.  Lots of brushwork, blending and experimentation.



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I am so very excited!  I have been invited to join the Pinkadoo Designs Creative Team.  This means that I’ll be creating layouts showcasing the work of this talented designer.  I love working on creative teams!  One gets to create layouts for the sheer pleasure of creating art.  Just what I love.  I hope that everyone will enjoy seeing these wonderful designs.

Here is my first layout!


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Blending & Brushes

Goodness! I can’t believe how busy I’ve been over the past week!  I have hardly had time to breathe, let alone create.  But today I was able to sit down and do some experimenting.

perfect-right-hereThese photos were taken at Clearwater Beach a couple of weeks ago by a good friend, Hanna Weiss.  I don’t often get photos of me because I’m usually the one with the camera!

I am taking two classes by Anna Aspnes:  A Year of ArtPlay and Advanced Brushwork.  This layout was created for the advanced brushwork class.  I played around with adding texture to brushes.  I used a textured blending brush to blend the bottom left photo into the page, then added a texture to the title brush.  Baby steps!



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reinvent-2This layout is all about playing around with blending modes and color! I have been wanting to experiment with the more unusual blending modes, like hard mix, vivid light, etc. I used different color/style filters on the photos, then blended them with usual blending modes. What a wonderful way to create texture and interest! These are photos of water lilies that I took at the Florida Botanic Gardens.   Gorgeous!


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Yesterday, I finally had a chance to join in with the Florida Center for Creative Photography.  This group was started by a man who loves photography and teaching.  Saturday, we met up at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.  There is a HUGE garden and park there that is kept up mainly by volunteers. It is gorgeous.  We all had fun looking for butterflies, bees, flowers and other assorted creatures.


I fell in love with this hibiscus, and turned it into the layout below.


I used a lot of blending techniques that I have been learning in Anna Aspnes’ A Year of ArtPlay class.  The techniques worked beautifully for this photo, and I expect for many of the other photos I took yesterday.  We were there for two hours, and I only saw a fraction of the garden!  It will yield beautiful photos for many months to come.

Have a great week!